Bill Green represents a gorgeous fine jewellery collection procured by TSC (The Shopping Choice) which broadcasts throughout Canada.  “The Diamond Show” is a 10K, 14K and 18K Fine Diamond Jewellery Collection curated by TSC.  Bill was recruited in 2018 as the Brand Ambassador for this brand due to his experience spanning over 40 years in the;  manufacturing, quality assurance, procurement and retailing of fine jewellery for the largest retailers throughout the world. Click the TSC Logo as we stream live during showtimes!

TSC “The Shopping Choice” – Canada

If you live in Canada, you can shop with Bill Green on TSC when he is scheduled live on air.  Check the TSC Program Guide  to search and view the shows Bill will be Guest-Hosting.  You can also watch him live on air as the network streams live, simply click this link, Watch TSC Live to view all shows during broadcast times.

You can also shop these collections at 24-hours a day by clicking each on these collection links:

HSN – United States

If you live in the United States, stay tuned!  Bill Green is considering representing a different category or brand on air at HSN in the U.S.  Bill Green has Hosted most every category in electronic retail; Fine/Fashion Jewelry and Watches, Electronics, Photography and Optical Products, Health and Home, Kitchen and Culinary, Apparel/Accessories/Shoes, Home Decoration/Furnishings, Lawn and Garden, if you are looking for a seasoned and successful Guest for your Brand, you may contact Bill Green directly buy emailing him today!  More to come!


On-Air Guest Hosting Services

Are you looking for someone as your On Air Guest Representative at HSN?

If you are an individual or company and you are looking for a brand representative on-air at HSN, Bill Green is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and may interested to support you as the On-Air Guest Represent for your company, product or brand.

Reach out to Bill Green by clicking this link  to inquire within and to discuss your needs.

New Guest Representative Sales and Media Training Seminar:

Bill Green has developed and administered a comprehensive electronic retail Sales and Media Training Seminar for hundreds of guests and celebrities working domestically in the U.S. and internationally in television shopping.  This “in-depth”, educational,  hands-on and interactive sales and media training program will provide you or your on-air guest representative with all of the skills, knowledge, demonstration techniques you will require to succeed as working in electronic retailing on national television.  This program includes practicing with Bill Green as your Host to smooth out the critical skills of working on air.

Training Seminar Program Insights:

  • How to effectively Bond and Engage a customer/viewer on national television
  • Tips to successfully work on camera during a live broadcast using effectively body language and personality
  • How to use your voice, tone and inflection  on television to effectively attract and compel customers to watch
  • How to create a presentation rich in features & benefits to creatively Educate and sell your product
  • How to effectively demonstrate your product on live television to Inspire your customer to make a purchase
  • How to Develop a Long and Happy Relationship so your customers to come back for more
  • How to stay engaged with your customer using Social Media
  • How to effectively plan, prepare and practice before you work on air

This program will prepare you and / or your team with all of the education, skills and techniques necessary for you and your brand flourish successfully whether its on “Live Television” or in a “Traditional Brick and Mortar” retail environment.  Remember that you may only have “one chance to make a first impression” with your viewers, clients and customers, click here to contact Bill Green

Media Coaching and Improving your Sales:

  • Bill Green has trained and coached of hundreds of on air guests, celebrities and traditional sales associates with this proven, detailed, hands-on Sales Training program that is proven to teach you all of the valuable information and techniques and the finer “Tips and Tricks” that can take years to learn and master on live television and in traditional retail sales.
  • Coaching sessions typically last for 1 to 1 1/2 hours for seasoned guests and 2 hours for new guests.
  • If if you wish to discuss Training or Media Coaching Rates and schedule a session, please contact Bill Green at  Bill Green Enterprises by clicking this link to submit your request!


Bill has worked on both the Corporate side and Talent side of the Electronic Retailing Industry for 23 years and has acquired the vast experience and working knowledge across all Merchandise categories and he understands the critical inside steps to success in this industry.

If you want to successfully,  and profitably premiere and build your product or brand in electronic retailing,  Bill Green Enterprises provides a Menu of Consulting, Sales and Media Training and Agenting Services from the following options, or he can provide you with a Complete Package.

Consulting Services:

  • This Consulting Service includes Bill’s hands on evaluation of your product, collection or brand to determine its fitness for electronic retailing.
  • Bill will provide you or your company with a detailed needs analysis and business plan that will lead you to improved success entering the industry.
  • This Consulting Service will also provide you or your company with notable and viable improvements that you should consider making prior to bringing your product, collection or brand to an electronic retailer such as HSN including; its contents, special pricing considerations packaging recommendations, and establishment of the key Features and Benefits that will drive your product to success.

Agent Representative Services:

  • You may also considering hiring Bill Green on behalf of yourself or your Company to provide you with Agent Services at HSN or QVC to connect you with the correct Merchant to make the appropriate introductions and represent you or your company all the way through the very complicated process of “getting your product on air”  and to simplify and streamline the process.
  • Schedule a free consultation with Bill Green today for a free consultation and to discuss his fees.
  • If you,  or your retail company have a product, invention, brand or collection and you have considered bringing it to HSN or QVC,  you should consider recruiting Bill Green as your personal Consultant, Agent and Media Sales Trainer.

Click here to arrange a free Consultation with Bill Green.