Bill Green has New Role as HSN On-Air, Guest Trainer

After 22 amazing years as a Show Host, I am taking on a new role at HSN.  I will now focus on training our talented group of on-air guests.

So, I am still with HSN, now working primarily behind the scenes; however,  I will come on air for special shows and events “so I truly am not going anywhere.”

My role as a show host at HSN has been an amazing journey filled with so many memorable experiences that I simply cannot put it into only a few words.  I have said it many times before, becoming a Show Host at HSN has truly been a “dream come true”.  I have treasured the opportunity to be and to remain a part of HSN Family of Hosts—it is truly an honor and privilege.

Having spending thousands of hours on television getting to know and work with my talented peers, guests, celebrities and the mile long list of amazing behind the scenes talent here at HSN has helped me to become the person and the professional that I am today.  Thank each and every one of you.

Above all, to our millions of customers and viewers who I have spent so many years getting to know, I feel as though so many of you have become my personal friends and truly an extension of my family.

Thank you for tuning in and for numerous times we’ve shared together and for taking the time to write me and shopping with me for years.

Stay tuned!  See you soon!!