Welcome to Bill’s Hot Topics!  I have so many interests, and although shopping is at the top of the list, I am a busy guy and I’m involved and I am interested in a wide variety of things in life.  That’s why I have dedicated a portion of the Bill Green Official Website to a “Hot Topics” BLOG.  This is where I can frequently share with you by category my; professional, personal and/or editorial view on just that, “Hot Topics” both in my world, things that I believe would be of interest to you on HSN and personally in life.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to see me share in the future in my “Hot Topics”.

HSN SHOWS & EVENTS – This Hot Topic is how I plan to share current upcoming HSN Special Shows & Events that I am involved in at HSN, I will keep this updated frequently so you don’t miss any of these special shows or shopping events.  I invite you to “share” these posts with your friends and family to loop them in as well.

FAVORITE THINGS –  I have many “Favorite Things” that I personally enjoy and I am frequently asked for advice on a variety of topics such as; Shopping,  Fashion, Jewelry, Electronics, Home Organization, Trends, Gardening, my favorite TV shows, Movies, and my personal “Favorite Things” that I enjoy Collecting and more.  This Hot Topic is simply a “catch all” where I can share my Favorite Things with you.

FASHION – It’s no secret that “I love fashion”!   My “Hot Topics” wouldn’t be complete without a BLOG on my personal view on Fashion for both Men and Woman.  This is always a Hot Topic for men and woman,  and its forever changing.  Here I will share everything from what’s trending in fashion, to specific brands, style ideas, wardrobing, hot designers, brands, apparel, shoes, accessories and the basics of how to build a wardrobe.

PHILANTHROPY & HSN CARES – I love helping others and giving back to the Community through my philanthropic efforts and through HSN Cares working with;  the American Heart Association’s,  Tampa Bay Heart Walk, USF Young Innovators, the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame,  and other organizations. This Hot Topic is dedicated to “news and updates” about my involvement in current community events and HSN Cares which is the Heart of Everything we do.

TRAVEL – I love to travel and I have favorite places that I love to visit, I will keep you posted on my new travel experiences through my TRAVEL Hot Topic.  This may help you if you are planning a vacation or if you are going to travel anywhere.

FOOD & DRINK – Yes, I am a “Foodie”!  I also love to Cook & Bake!  I predict this is going to be one of my popular “Hot Topics” because this is where I will share some of my favorite; food and baking recipes here through my Food & Drink “Hot Topic”. I love to dine out and try new culinary experiences.  I will also share some of my favorite hot spots and my personal editorials about the places and events I experience in Tampa Bay area and around the world when I travel to share the “inside scoop” on what’s hot and delicious in the world of Food & Drink.

SHARE THIS STORY, CHOOSE YOUR PLATFORM – If you enjoy reading any of my Hot Topics and want to share any of them, I have made it so easy for you to “share” them via email, or socially through any of the popular social networks by just clicking any and “SHARE THIS STORY, CHOOSE YOUR PLATFORM” from area just below each Hot Topic Post.

LEAVE COMMENT – I have also opened up all of my “Hot Topics” to receive Comments & Feedback from you if you would like to respond or have a question.  I love hearing from you, so please feel free to post your feedback and ask questions for any “Hot Topic”.  I will answer any questions and will respond directly on the Hot Topic itself, so check back often and thank you again for visiting the Bill Green Official Website. Let’s you and I discover “What’s Hot” together, enjoy!