shot_16_1525Collecting something special during everyone of my vacations and travel adventures is something that I personally enjoy and it also serves to bring back wonderful memories of the great times that I have experienced and shared in life when exploring the world and new cultures both alone,  and with family and friends.  It’s not about the value or investment in these items, although some of these collectibles are fine art and were quite costly. It’s more about my personal “love” of these items and their brilliant colors and the memories tied to them.

I have always been attracted to vibrant, modern colors.   Years ago in my early 20’s, I began collecting only “cobalt” blue glass artifacts,  items such as;  sculptures, vases, crystal artifacts, decorative items and I have a showcase full of them.  About 10 years ago, I began expanding this collection to other beautiful colors in reds, greens, yellows– my collection is so now just bursting with gorgeous color and alive!  Many of these collectibles were gifted to me from very special and dear friends family members who know me well and know of my love for colored crystal and glass.  The tie between these special gifts and these special people in my life bond such special memories about our friendships, how we met, the fun times we have shared, birthdays, etc.  It just brings a smile to my face anytime I take a moment in my fast paced life to simply stop and look at my collection, pick up and hold a piece from my collection and flash back on where it came from.shot_16_1535 When I want to reflect back on those exciting, and fun filled life’s experiences and relationships with family and friends, I take a glance into my collection and it brings back those memories as though they were yesterday.

You can find articles that you want to collect just about anywhere, sometimes in the most obvious places like;  gift shops, antique stores, art fairs, artists.  However, sometimes you’ll be surprised to find items to add to your collection in the most surprising and unexpected places such as estate sales, flea markets, street vendors in far away places.

I also collect watches which I plan explore with you in a future post.  What do you collect?  If you are just starting a collection, really think about what is most appealing and compels “you”?  What exhilarates you? What makes you feel good?

Whatever your collection, it will represent your life’s special moments and memorialize them, forever. END