Bill developed an interest in the arts and entertainment at a very young age learning magic from a Junior High School Government teacher who was a member of an organization called The Brotherhood of Magic.

Intrigued by magic and entertaining, Bill began performing magic at parties and has always enjoyed entertaining family, friends and acquaintances. He loves standing up in front of anyone who he could bring laughter to and entertain.

Bill majored in the theatre in High School with a strong interest in Comedy and went on to win “First Place” at the Florida State Thespian Theatrical Competition in 1975 for Improvisational Comedy competing against students from all High Schools in the State of Florida.

Perhaps it’s because Bill’s creativity, passion and interest in the arts, that Bill was elected in as the President of a very progressive class and educational curriculum entitled, “Creative Media,” which focused on Film, Video Production and Editing in High School.

In his graduating class of over 800 students, Bill also won the award from the Language Art’s Department for the “Most Persuasive Speaker.” Little did Bill realize how important that skill and ability would certainly help him later in his career as a Host.