In the mid 1970’s, Bill began his career in radio at the young age of 16 while attending high school. His first job in entertainment was working at a popular rock radio station in Miami Beach, Florida.

It all began because Bill won a “record album during a radio show contest” and he took a city bus to the radio station on a Sunday to pick up his record winnings because he anxiously wanted to see the inside of a Live Radio Station.

Fascinated by the Live Broadcast excitement, Bill asked the D.J. who was on air if he could help answer the telephone music request lines because there was no one there to answer them.

By the end of the evening, Bill was offered a part-time job working for the most popular Rock Radio Station, WMYQ located in Miami Beach, Florida at the time.

“This was just the beginning of an amazing career,” say’s Bill…

“I was bit by the entertainment bug and I knew this is what I wanted to do—work in entertainment.”