In 1980, Bill interviewed for a Manager Trainee position at a Zale’s Jewelry Store in Dallas, putting his entertainment dream on hold.

Everyone knows the story of the starving actor. Well, it was no different for Bill. He had to earn a living and pay his bills.

Although Bill had aspirations to work in television and the entertainment industry, he began his career as a retail jeweler working for the Zale Corporation where he spent 16 years of his early business career.

Bill’s first job in retail was working as a Manager Trainee for a flagship Zale’s Jewelry Store was an opportunity that quickly unfolded. Never passing up a business opportunity or career change, Bill worked his way up the corporate ladder at Zale Corporation, the world’s largest retail jeweler.

Because the Zale Corporate Headquarters are located in Dallas, where Bill lived at the time, he was privileged to be educated and influenced by key Zale Corporate executive staff members who taught him every aspect of the jewelry business.

At times, Bill even received direct training, supervision, and mentoring from many of the founding family members of the Zale Corporation, including Morris B. Zale and Ben Lipshy who were also the founders and innovators of the “retail credit jewelry business.”

Those experiences represent some of the most significant and influential training and mentoring times of his life. It was at Zale that Bill gained the knowledge that he practices today as a Show Host for HSN about all jewelry; diamonds, gemstones and precious metal jewelry, watches, pearls and collectible giftware.