With great passion for entertainment, Bill went on to produce and direct Radio Talk Show programs. At the age of 17, Bill became a producer for various radio Public Affairs talk show hosts in the 1970’s and 1980’s, such as Sandy Peyton’s Place starring Sandy Peyton and produced a talk show entitled Lady-Law starring Miami Beach attorney and talk show host Carol King-Guarlnick.

Perhaps Bill’s most surprising accomplishment he reflects back on today was acting as stand-in producer for The Larry King Radio Show starring Larry King at Cox-Stornz Radio Stations, WIOD and WA1A in Miami.

Who knew that Larry King would end up becoming one of America’s legendary journalists on CNN?

In 1976, upon graduating high school, Bill and his family moved to Dallas, Texas, where he continued his career in radio while attending college and continued producing News and Information Radio Talk Shows for such “would-be” television journalists such as Bill O’Reilly for WFAA Radio, the Dallas ABC Affiliate.

Although Bill has always had a great passion for working in the entertainment industry, he learned of a great opportunity working in retail where he also expressed a strong interest.

It was time to begin a business career to pay his bills.