PRADA fragrances are one of main pillars in my personal fragrance collection.  It is a refreshingly aromatic blend of citruses and lavender, mixed with fresh mint and amber that provide a fresh masculinity and refined elegance. Modern, Youngish, Crisp, Summery,  Interesting, Clean and handsome-elegant bottle.

Strong orange opening. The dominant essence mint, is very complimentary to the top notes, rendering them ever so slightly soapy. This is such a pleasant fragrance, it reminds me of a summer afternoon at the beach that someone special smiles at you.  The mint never disappears but folds into the creation, keeping it fresh and light.

LUNA ROSSA is a fresh daytime scent for the active man who loves to feel his blood rush. Perfect for warmer weather and casual wear. You can not wear this fragrance without Feeling very YOUTHFUL. It makes YOU feel good after work.  Freshness is a definite Characteristic in it. Highly Recommend for everyone does not like strong smell.

I can’t begin to tell you how often each day that I greet someone, say hello, hug them as a hello where the first words out of their mouth are, you smell amazing….”what are you wearing?”.

Silage?  Quite acceptable for a citrus Aromatic.

Longevity?  Surprisingly Good on my skin.