Save the Dates and Tune in for “Best of Gems” and these amazing Today’ s Showstoppers on TSC throughout Canada, June 19,  beginning at 10 pm et, and all day July 20!

I will be Skyping in and bringing you this “Spectacular, Large & Oversized!”,  Hand Selected Octagon Shaped Solitaire Gemstone ring set in Sterling Silver, and it’s over 6.80 average carats in your choice of;  Praisiolite, Garnet, Citrine, Blue Topaz or Amethyst — Plus, we have dangle Gemstone Earrings match!  These special Today’s Showstopper Prices will not be valid until 10pm et the evening of our first show–so tune in and don’t miss our kick-off show on TSC plus,  you can shop 24 hours a day throughout Canada for just about anything and many more gemstone pieces, just click here and visit our website at TSC!  Thank you and have fun shopping with us, and be sure to call in live during the show!